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2023 Halloween Open Results

Over the weekend, the 10th Annual Halloween Open was held in Richmond, Kentucky, hosted by the Kentucky Division and Eastern Kentucky University Fencing Club. On behalf of the LFC, I extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our members who joined to represent our club, actively participated, and offered support to fellow clubs in our state. We are also immensely grateful to Marcia Pierce and Tim Edwards of EKU for their tireless efforts in ensuring the success of this event and the enjoyment of all fencers. Last but not least, our sincere thanks go out to everyone who attended to support our fencers, cheered them on, and shared in our celebration!

Here are the results:

Foil (Saturday):

Mixed Open Foil 

Congratulations to Jackson Turner, who secured the 6th spot, Roman Moldoveanu, who placed 8th, and Edward Depp, who came in 13th out of 32 competitors this weekend. They all delivered great performances in their pool matches, and fought to the end in Direct Eliminations.

Y12 Foil Next, let’s acknowledge our young fencers who took part in the competition. We are incredibly proud of Charlie Chitwood, Reagan Redemann, and Elise Clemmer-Becht. In his very first tournament, Charlie showed great courage by going on the offensive against the top-seeded fencer (who ultimately won the event), even scoring his first touch! Elise and Reagan secured three impressive pool wins out of eight competitors. These three young fencers exhibited remarkable determination and heart on the fencing strip. Their fighting spirit and growth are truly inspiring! Keep up the good work!

Saber (Saturday):

Mixed Open Saber –  The LFC Veterans led the charge this weekend.  Tom Monarch secured a 3rd place finish, with John Boylan close behind in 5th, and Pam Johnson following in 6th place. The rest of our saber fencers also delivered strong performances: Dawn Wilson placed 9th, Max Wintergerst took 11th, Richard Keating earned the 12th spot, Emily Bragg placed 13th, and Crawford Adams finished in 17th place.

Y12 Saber  The LFC and its young participants shone brightly in this year’s event, where they were the sole contestants. Let’s extend our congratulations to Ben White for securing the top spot, Nathalie Gump for her second-place finish, and Linus Downs and Catherine Gump, who shared the third place!

Women’s SaberThis was another event that belonged to the LFC this year.  Congratulations to Dawn Wilson for her first place finish, followed by Pam Johnson in 2nd Place and Emily Bragg in third.

Epee (Sunday):

Mixed Open Epee The LFC Epeeists were undaunted by the presence of 37 competitors and showcased their strength and determination. Josh Turner delivered an outstanding performance, securing a well-deserved 3rd place, with Shawn Redemann closely following in 5th. We also applaud the excellent performances of our other talented LFC Epeeists in the open category, including Cameron Dunklin (10th), Julian Koenigsknecht (12th), Gordon Sayler (15th), Sean McNary (20th), Scarlett Oakes (21st), Madison Bates (22nd), and Anna Dur(33rd). Congratulations to our exceptional epee team for their achievements!

Women’s Epee: And last but certainly not least, let’s give a well-deserved standing ovation to Madison Bates and Scarlett Oakes, who shared the 3rd place in this event, followed by our very own Anna Durr, securing an impressive 7th place! These young ladies showcased exceptional determination and skill fencing in both the open and the women’s event yesterday, and we applaud their outstanding performances. Great job!
Over the next few days we’ll try to put the results of each of the events on our facebook page.  So make sure you follow us (  and ) for updates!

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