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What equipment is needed?

The Louisville Fencing Center has a limited amount of equipment available for use by new fencers. New fencers can use this equipment for up to two months. Please discuss equipment needs with Maestro before making any equipment purchases.

EquipmentHow much does equipment cost?

A complete set of basic fencing equipment costs about $100.00 – $140.00. All fencers must wear basic protective equipment — mask, glove, pants, plastron (protective under garment), jacket and sneakers.

Foil fencers need the basics listed above, plus electric foil, lamé and body cord (2 prong)

Epée fencers need the basics listed above, plus electric epée and epée body cord

Sabre fencers need the basics listed above, plus electric sabre, sabre mask, sabre lamé, over glove and body cord.

Where do I buy equipment?

If you are planning to purchase any equipment, please see Maestro Stawicki. He will advise you on what to purchase and will make arrangements for rapid shipments. The LFC has a small supply of equipment and parts for immediate purchase/use.

Does the LFC have changing rooms?

We have both changing rooms available for both female and male fencers. Lockers are included with your yearly membership. Fencers must provide their own locks. Please see Maestro if you need to temporarily rent a locker.

Are there any local fencing tournaments?

The Kentucky Division of the United Fencing Association (USFA) holds tournaments in Kentucky and our Competitions page list a number of tournaments in the area. USFA membership is required for all tournament participation.

Isn’t fencing a dangerous sport?

More injuries occur in other sports, like soccer, football and field hockey, rather than in fencing. Typical fencing injuries include strains, sprains, and occasional bruises. The LFC adheres to a stringent set of safety rules and guidelines. As a result, its safety record to date is unflawed.

LFC fencing safety rules are very straight-forward. Anyone who breaks these rules or is doing anything unsafe, is immediately stopped and corrected! All fencers are responsible for and committed to safety:


• Always make sure that weapons are pointed down.

• Never wave weapons in the air.

Additional questions?

If you would like additional information about the LFC, please email us at, call (502) 540.5004 or stop by, we look forward to meeting you.