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About Louisville Fencing

LFC is one of the finest state-of-the-art fencing facilities in the United States. Our 4,000 square-foot facility is equipped with eight Olympic electric fencing strips, three wheelchair frames and new scoring machines.

Whether you want to sword-play for fun, aspire to become an advanced or Olympic fencer, or simply develop a taste for the sport, LFC provides the environment to advance the traditions of fencing.

Want more info? Check out our links. Browse around. And then come visit us in person. We look forward to seeing you!

Our Mission

Our goals at the Louisville Fencing Center are to create, develop, and promote the complete person through fencing.

  • We endeavor to provide our students with the skills needed not only for fencing at the national level, but also for maturing throughout life. Skills, such as leadership, self-reliance, sportsmanship and citizenship are stressed.
  • We hope to create champions, promote recreational fencing, have fun and bring out the best in our members as athletes and individuals. We achieve these goals through out a combination of excellent coaching, strong community spirit, innovative ideas and hard work.
  • We are a diverse community with wide ranges in ages, fencing experience and personal values and beliefs. The thing that we all have in common is a love of fencing and the desire to have the Louisville Fencing Center become one the best fencing facilities in the United States.