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Celebrating Our Saber Fencers – Tom Monarch and Pam Johnson at the Founder’s Day Open!

Tom Monarch and Pam Johnson competed at at the Founder’s Day Open Mixed Saber event this past Saturday, February 10th.

Our very own Tom Monarch showcased exceptional skill and determination, securing a 3rd place finish. His outstanding performance has not only brought him to the podium but also earned him the E24 rating.

Pam Johnson, another one of our distinguished members, also made a significant mark at the event by finishing 12th out of 18 competitors.

Tom and Pam’s performance is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the spirit of excellence that defines the Louisville Fencing Club. Let us all extend our warmest congratulations to them both for their achievements. Their success is not just their own but a collective victory for our club, inspiring each one of us to strive for excellence in our fencing journey.

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