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Celebrating Our Team’s Outstanding Performance and Introduction to Regional Points

I am excited to share some insights into the concept of regional points and their significant impact on our fencers’ journey, alongside celebrating the exceptional achievements of our young competitors this season.

What are Regional Points?

Regional points are accumulated by fencers participating in designated competitions across the region. These points are essential for several reasons:

  1. Qualification for National Championships: Earning enough points can secure a spot at the prestigious Summer Nationals.
  2. Ranking and Seeding: Points determine the fencers’ rankings, affecting their seeding in tournaments and influencing their matchups.
  3. Skill Development: Competing for points pushes fencers to participate in challenging events, fostering skill improvement and strategic growth.

Celebrating Our Team’s Achievements

It brings me immense pride to announce that many of our young fencers  qualified for the Summer Nationals through competing at regional events and gaining points, showcasing the dedication and hard work they’ve put into this season. Our team’s current standings in the Regional Points are a testament to their effort and prowess in the sport.

Here are some highlights of our team’s achievements:

  • Top Performers: Sophia Biesiada, Jan Biesiada, Jackson Turner, and Roman Moldoveanu are all within the top 20 percentile in their events, with Sophia ranking in the top 10% in TWO events.
  • Qualifiers: Out of 16 youth fencers aiming for the Summer Nationals, 10 have already qualified across 14 events through their stellar performances in regional qualifiers.

Here are the detailed standings of our qualifying members:

  • Sophia Biesiada:
    • Y12 Women’s Saber, 265.28 points, 3rd out of 29, top 10% in region
    • Y14 Woman’s Saber, 265.91 points, 2nd out of 34, top 6% in region
  • Jan Biesiada: Junior Men’s Foil, 157.23 points, 20th out of 113; top 20% in region
  • Jackson Turner:
    • Y14 Men’s Foil, 204.84 points, 18th out of 102; top 20% in region
    • Cadet Men’s Foil, 117.44 points, 35th out of 90 
  • Roman Moldoveanu:
    • Y14 Men’s Foil, 201.63 points, 20th out of 102; top 20% in region
    • Cadet Men’s Foil, 103.75 points, 40th out of 90  
  • Edward Depp:
    • Y14 Men’s Foil, 162.65 points, 30th out of 102 
    • Cadet Men’s Foil, 115.00 points, 36th out of 90  
  • Elise Clemmer-Becht: Y12 Women’s Foil, 157.08 points, 23rd out of 88
  • Reagan Redemann: Y12 Women’s Foil, 127.28 points, 28th out of 88 
  • Sean McNary: Cadet Men’s Epee, 98.41 points, 28th out of 63 
  • Charlie Chitwood: Y10 Men’s Foil, 66.67 points, 29th out of 55 
  • Ben White: Y10 Men’s Saber, 61.54 points, 15th out of 27 

The entire list of our team’s performance underscores the talent and resilience of our fencers. It’s a joy to watch each participant grow and excel in their respective categories.

Please join me in congratulating all our fencers for their outstanding performances. Let’s continue to support each other as we look forward to more successes at the upcoming Summer Nationals!

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