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Club Fees

Thank you for your interest in Fencing. Our Louisville Fencing Center has a number of options that are available to you.


MEMBERSHIP FEES (All Fees Due August 1st.)

Initiation                             $100 one-time fee  (new members only)

With Locker                        $600 per year; due Aug 1 (Must have own equipment)

  • Membership provides access to open fencing during LFC & reduced lesson fees
  • Membership required after 4 introductory lessons, unless other arrangements are made with Maestro Stawicki
  • All fees are due in advance at the beginning of the month
  • Missed lesson fees are non-refundable



4 Introductory Lessons    $150 (Student required to wear whites to lessons).

Group Lesson  (1st 2 months of classes only.) $100/mo – members  (Equipment will be provided.)


Leisure Programs (Beginner 1)

Group Lesson (4 Weeks. Saturday only) $150/mo. Non-members    Must have Mask, Glove, Jacket, and Plastron


Competitive Programs (Beginner 2)

Group Lesson w/ Individual Lesson   $220/mo. Must be member and Must have own electric equipment

Individual Lesson               $30 for 20 min. Must be member

Individual Lesson              $35 for 20 min. Non-members


Other Programs

Non-member floor fee   $25/day                        Must have your own equipment

LFCenter Challenge       $20 event members    Must have your own equipment

LFCenter Challenge       $25 non-members      Must have your own equipment