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LFC Fencing Program Suspended

Dear Louisville Fencing Center Friends, Family and Fencers

We would like to thank you for your patience, continued support, and understanding over the past week as the LFC investigated how best to proceed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our facility is managed through Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS).  As such, our LFC Leadership has been watching the precautions and preventative measures that were to be implemented by the local school district.

Due to steps necessary to thoroughly clean our facility, in partnership with JCPS, we are closed to all classes and lessons effective Saturday, May 14th—with the hope of helping to reduce the spread of this virus to our members, their extended families, and those we care about most–some of whom are more vulnerable due to age or underlying medical conditions.

We are not alone in trying to protect the health of our community and to do what we can to slow down the spread of this virus. Closure of colleges around the country, cancellation of NCAA championships, postponement of international fencing events in an Olympic qualifying year, rescheduling to an undetermined date for the March North American Cup (NAC), and finally this week’s recommendation by Governor Andy Beshear to close all K-12 schools until April 6th has lead to this proactive decision.  During this time period, JCPS will conduct deep-cycle environmental cleaning and disinfecting of all facilities they manage (including the Louisville Fencing Centers).

The center will be open tomorrow, Saturday, March 14th, from 10am – 11am.  Coach Dawn Wilson will be at the LFC if you would like to collect your fencing gear.  We encourage fencers to continue to train and practice at home or in small groups as the opportunity allows (and in settings of low-risk for infection).  As JCPS has made the closure of our facility mandatory effective Monday, any equipment that you will need for training and practice must be picked up tomorrow between 10am – 11am.

By temporarily closing our club for the health and safety of our extended community, we hope we reopen with a group of eager fencers who along with their families have been able to stay healthy and who are hungry to start practicing and enjoying the sport of fencing again.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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