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LFC Results from US Fencing Junior Olympics

Over the past weekend, a group of our promising young fencers from the Louisville Fencing Center took part in the Junior Olympics held in Charlotte, North Carolina. This competition stands as one of the most challenging arenas in the nation, drawing in the finest young talents, some of whom are likely to represent our country in future Olympic Games. Additionally, it serves as the final opportunity for athletes to qualify for the team that will compete at the Junior and Cadet World Championship. To underscore its significance: it is a premier battleground for our nation’s best. It is with immense pride that we commend our fencers for their bravery and willingness to embrace the challenge head-on.  Here’s a recap of the results:

Friday, 2/16:

  • Shawn McNary demonstrated resilience in the Junior Men’s Epee event, finishing 387th out of 400 competitors.
  • Eli Johnson showcased his skills in the Junior Men’s Saber event, finishing 300th out of 323 competitors.
  • Olivia Scott brought home a bronze medal in the Parafencing Women’s Épée event, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination.

Saturday, 2/17:

  • Scarlett Oakes competed in the Junior Women’s Epee event, finishing 278th out of 287 competitors.

Sunday, 2/18:

  • Olivia Scott continued her winning streak by securing a gold medal in the Parafencing Women’s Saber event, besting a field of 3 competitors.
  • Shawn McNary and Julian Koenigsknecht participated in the Cadet Men’s Epee event, with Shawn finishing 252nd and Julian 329th out of 341 strong competitors.

Monday, 2/19:

  • Scarlett Oakes returned to the strip to compete in the Cadet Women’s Epee event, finishing 211th out of 266 competitors.

These fencers performance reflect their dedication, skill, and time they have invested. Let’s extend our heartfelt congratulations to Shawn, Eli, Olivia, Scarlett, and Julian for their performances.

Your commitment is truly inspiring, and we are proud to you as members in our fencing community. Let’s continue to support and encourage each other as we pursue our fencing goals.

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