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LFC Return from Cincinnati: Queen City Cup and NKFA St Paddy’s Day!

This past weekend, the LFC ventured to the city renowned for Skyline Chili and the Bengals, focusing their efforts not on sightseeing but on competing in fencing events across town.

At the NKFA St Paddy’s Day Slay:

In the Unrated Mixed Epee competition, Julian Koenigsknecht secured a silver medal with a commendable second-place finish among 14 participants. Scarlett Oakes and Alexandra Faenova also made notable appearances, finishing 9th and 12th respectively, with Faenova making her debut for the LFC.

The Division II Mixed Epee saw Josh Turner leading the pack for LFC, achieving a 6th place out of 28 fencers. He was followed by Gordon Sayler and Julian Koenigsknecht, finishing 10th and 23rd respectively, with Alexandra Faenova close behind in 24th place.

In the Senior Mixed Epee category, Dwain Kent took the 13th spot, with Gordon Sayler and Josh Turner ending the event in 15th and 19th place out of 26 competitors.

Highlights from Day 1 of the Queen City Cup included:

Jackson Turner performed well in the Y14 Men’s Foil, landing at 17th place among 36 fencers. He was trailed by Roman Moldoveanu and Edward Depp, securing the 21st and 27th spots respectively.

Elise Clemmer-Becht claimed the 26th position out of 30 participants in the Y14 Women’s Foil, facing elimination by the tournament’s eventual champion.

In the Cadet Men’s Epee, Sean McNary impressed with a strong 5th place finish from 9 contenders, garnering points crucial for Summer Nationals qualification.

In Y10 Men’s Saber, Benny White placed 6th out of 13 fencers, showcasing his growing potential.

Charlie Chitwood showed skill in the Y10 Men’s Foil, finishing 18th out of 25, succeeding in two of his pools.

Sophia Biesiada and Yeteva Bowker shone in the Y14 Women’s Saber, finishing 5th and 8th respectively among 13 competitors, with Bowker making her first appearance.

 From Day 2 of the Queen City Cup:

In the Cadet Men’s Foil, Roman Moldoveanu led the LFC group with a 19th place finish out of 32, with Jackson Turner and Edward Depp closely behind.  All three have secured their positions for the Summer Nationals.

Elise Clemmer-Becht and Reagan Redemann performed well in the Y12 Women’s Foil, finishing 17th and 33rd out of 38, reinforcing their standings for the Summer Nationals.

Sean McNary excelled again in the Y14 Men’s Epee, taking home a silver medal and additional points for Summer Nationals qualification.

Sophia Biesiada continued to excel in the Y12 Women’s Saber, achieving a remarkable 3rd place, enhancing her regional standing.

Special kudos to Sophia Biesiada, Julian Koenigsknecht, and Sean McNary for their exceptional performances. Julian clinched a silver at the NKFA St Paddy’s Day Slay, while Sean matched this feat with his own silver at the Queen City Cup, both demonstrating their skill and dedication. Sophia’s third-place finish in the Y12 Women’s Saber at the same Cup highlighted her talent and hard work, contributing to LFC’s esteemed reputation. Collectively, they embody LFC’s spirit and set a high standard for their peers.

In total, the LFC now boasts nine fencers across eleven events who have qualified for the Summer Nationals!

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