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LFC Virtual Fencing

Fencers, Family and Friends

In Kentucky–and around the nation– fencing clubs are following the same guidelines and suspending classes for the foreseeable future.  Here in Louisville, we are seeing the same thing locally at several gyms (including the YMCAs), sports programs (soccer, football, basketball), martial arts, and other indoor programs.  For the Louisville Fencing Center (given our partnership with JCPS), this is especially sobering, as our facility may in fact remained closed until JCPS reopens after April 20th.  This is being assessed and we will update you as soon as information becomes available.

This effort of “social distancing is our combined social/civic responsibility to our community, our families and fencers.  Sheltering at home is a key strategy in slowing down the  spread of COVID-19.

Still, The LFC realizes that that this isolation can also impact or mental and physical health of our young fencers and are excited to continue to support our fencers virtually in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, to assist our members, we are establishing a training regimen that you can complete at home, as part of a 2-week LFC “Step Up Your Footwork” Challenge.

We will be sharing links to a series of videos on youtube that each of you can practice at home.  As you complete your sessions, we encourage you to record short videos clips (10-30 seconds) to post online to the LFC’s youtube channel.  We will provide instructions for sharing your videos only with club members, so that your coaches can provide you feedback.

Our Challenge:  we encourage everyone to spend 5-30 minutes,  2-3 days per week, watching and working out with one of the training videos.   Then share with us how it’s going (using #LFCSTEPUPCHALLENGE in your post) through:

·       Uploading photos of you virtual training:

·       Posting your videos (instructions to follow):

·       Sharing your feedback on the sessions @

For each fencer who completes postings from 10 workouts, you will have a chance to receive a special prize!  

 Remember, each day practice is for form and function—not for speed.  Focus on quality.   So watch some videos and let’s get stepping!

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