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LFCs Arnold Fencing Classic Results

To begin want to thank the  coaches who supported the fencers on the strip by guiding them through their bouts.  We also want to thank the parents who made the sacrifice to get the fencers to this event, encouraged their young fencers and supported them through the competition.  Finally, a great round of applause to all of these athletes who performed this weekend, showcasing the talent of the Louisville Fencing Center!  The following fencers represented themselves and the Louisville Fencing Center well:

Junior Mens Epee

On Friday, MATTHEW KENT finished 15th and MASON HUGHES finished 23.  This is always one of the most aggressive and challenging groups of fencers and both young men held their own.  Continue the hard work, Gentlemen.

Division II Men’s Epee (C and Under)

Dwain Kent captured the Bronze (3rd place) DIRK MARTIN finished 16th, MATTHEW KENT finished 26th and MASON HUGHES finished 36th.  While all fencers identified areas where they want to focus on improvement in the future, it was just as easy to observe where their skills and techniques are coming together.  We look forward to them pushing each other harder. Well done!!!

Cadet Men’s Foil  and Y-12 Men’s Foil

Finishing in the top 16 in their respective events, JAN BIESIADA finished 13th out of 18th in Cadet Men’s Foil and MASEO TAMIYA, finished 13th out of 34 in Y-10 Men’s Foil!  This is a solid performance from both and we look forward to more great fencing from them in the future!

DIV1A Men’s Epee

Out of field of 57 competitors DWAIN KENT finished 14th, DIRK MARTIN finished 52nd and MATTHEW KENT finished 53rd. 

Y-14 Mixed Foil

JAN BIESIADA finished 24th out of 31 in the Y-14 Mixed Foil.  What a finish!  We can’t wait until next year to see Jan next year. 

Veteran Women’s Saber

Our own coach, DAWN WILSON, finished 1st and  PAM JOHNSON finished 3rd place taking home a bronze medal. 

Y-10 Foil!

EDWARD DEPP, finished 9th and JOHN THOMAS RICHARDSON finished 13th out of 27 fencers in their first regional Y-10 Foil Competition;

Y-10 Saber

SOPHIA BIESIADA  finished 9th in her first regional Y-10 Saber competition.

Cadet Mens Epee

Last but not least,  PHILLIP KRISTIANSEN finished 7th out of 20 competitors, claiming another top 8 spot for the Louisville Fencing Center.

We want to take a moment to call out a few  breakout performances from the weekend.

  • Our own Coach Dawn Wilson finished 1st in Veteran Woman’s Saber— making this her a 3 time champion!
  • Our three youngest competitors did a fantastic job in their first major tournament. These three musketeers—Sophia Biesiada, Edward Depp, and John Thomas Richardson –all finished in the top 16!
  • The Louisville Fencing Center brought home 4 medals this weekend!

So once again, please put your hands together for ALL of the amazing competitors, as well as Maestro Stawicki, Coach Dawn Wilson, Coach Jim Martin and Coach Jacek Biesiada for all of their support over the weekend!

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