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About Our Programs

At the Louisville Fencing Center (LFC), we develop champions by helping each athlete reach their goals through preparation, hard work, and perseverance. Our membership pricing is optimized to be as low as possible while still providing the club the ability to rent floor space, purchase educational equipment for classes, purchase USAF club membership, etc. 

But mostly, its to invest in you.

The programs at the LFC are designed to provide introductory, recreational, intermediate, advanced, and elite training for one of the most fascinating, exciting, and safest sports. We are delighted when we see our students and alumni succeed. We have students as young as 6, through middle school, high school, and college students, adults and seniors.  LFC has fencers with a variety of commitment levels, including international and national competitors, college athletes, regional and local competitors, and purely recreational fencers in it for the fun exercise for the mind and body.  All fencers have different goals; the Louisville Fencing Center customizes your training to give you the best opportunity to reach your goals and ambitions.

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