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How Do I Get Started?

The simplest way to discover the center and the sport is to drop by. Our best times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings around 6PM. There are also frequently ongoing classes Saturdays around 10AM.


We are a competitive club so there are weeks and weekends when many of the regulars are traveling to a tournament. We also host tournaments at least one Saturday a month for fencers to compete and practice for regional, national, and international competition.


We are on Muhammad Ali Boulevard just past 13th Street and the railroad tracks after 13th.  Turn right into the parking lot for Junior Achievement and the Central High School Football Stadium. We’re right behind the home bleachers of the football stadium.


When in doubt, give us a call at 502.540.5004.


How Do I Get Started Fencing?

Visit the center and sign up for 4 introductory classes/lessons. It’s 120 dollars for four sessions and that includes a non-competitive membership in the United States Fencing Association and equipment for the sessions. All you need to bring is a white shirt, white baseball/softball pants, and some athletic shoes.


You can take the rest from there and decide to pick up equipment here and there as you progress with the sport.


Why Would I Want to Fence?


Fencing is a whole body sport that is fun for athletes from 6-years-old through their 90s. We have a fencer who has twice won the world championship for women over 70 and we have fencers who compete in under ten-year-old events.


Fencers can compete regionally, nationally, and internationally at many skill levels (divisions in fencing) and age categories (youth, open, and several veterans age categories for the finely-aged fencers).


Fencing is safer than many contact sports, excellent exercise, and a lot more fun than grunting in a gym picking up kettlebells.


OK.  I’m Convinced, What Now?


Come by, give us a call (502.540.5004), or email us